Travelling Salesman Challenge 2.0

Win a trip around the world based on an algorithm you write!

This is your chance to get your hands on something that’s normally purely theoretical and have some fun with it. The Travelling Salesman Challenge is returning for 2018, and this time you’re finding the cheapest route between whole areas.

2018 Challenge

Find the cheapest route between pre-defined areas using data supplied by

In teams of two or three, this is your challenge. The prize for the winning team is the trip of a lifetime.

Imagine being an American college student who just wants to visit five amazing European countries on the cheap over her summer break. Finding the flight connections without caring about where exactly she goes to and what is the order should be cool, right?

The problem is, grouping the cities into areas and skipping the ordering requirement makes the problem… well, a lot harder! It's an NP-hard problem that’s been around, in essence, for over 80 years.

Now, we love hard problems, and we reckon you do too. We want to work on it with people from the wider tech and academic community who know the problem, enjoy working on it, and think they’ve got something to offer us in developing ways to solve it.

And what’s the reward for all this? The winning team of two to three people will actually get to go on their trip around the world. Really. To see the full technical description of the problem, register for our challenge.

By the way, last year’s challenge was connected to the development of’s brand new feature NOMAD. Adding full areas is the next logical step.


Your task is to determine the cheapest possible connection between specific areas, where an area is a set of cities. You’ll be provided with flight data to help you work out the best algorithm. The solution must meet the following criteria:

  • the trip should start from the city we give you
  • in each area, you must visit exactly one city (but you can choose which one)
  • you have to move between areas every day
  • the trip must continue from the same city in which you arrived
  • the entire trip should end in the area where it began

These rules give everyone an equal starting point. You’ll find more info after registration.


There will be two phases: development and evaluation. The development phase will take three weeks.

9 October

Announcing the task

29 October

Deadline for submitting solutions

5 November

Evaluation & announcement of the top 10 teams, all these teams are invited to the final Gala prize giving in Prague

9 November, from 7PM 

Gala prize giving in Prague


1st prize

Trip around the world for the whole team! party tickets, plus a visit to our Brno offices to meet our guys and girls

2nd prize

1000 EUR in travel vouchers party tickets, plus a visit to our Brno offices to meet our guys and girls

3rd prize

600 EUR in travel vouchers party tickets, plus a visit to our Brno offices to meet our guys and girls


For further details see the Terms and Conditions


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If you don’t find the answer to your questions in the FAQs, you can contact us via’s Facebook messenger, or join our Slack channel (you’ll get the link after registration).